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You can apply for the Swiss loan online at Crediteriol. You can apply for the Swiss loan online at Crediteriol. This will take about now to inform about Swiss loans – Borrow money without KSV / credit bureau! Credits without credit bureau are applied for online. Apply for a Swiss loan in addition to a loan in Germany, provided the underlying liquidity can be proven.

And what is a Swiss loan?

And what is a Swiss loan?

Switzerland’s banking business is known worldwide. A large number of banks have established themselves in Switzerland, and thanks to bank client confidentiality, many foreign customers would also like to open an account in Switzerland. The Swiss loan thus appears initially as a stable banking product. However, if you want to take out a Swiss loan, you should carefully check whether the conditions meet your requirements.

A loan from Switzerland is not always the optimal solution. And what is a Swiss loan? The term “Swiss credit” can in principle refer to different products. That gives you Swiss Francs. This loan is a speculative product and should only be used by professionals. In addition, Swiss credit agencies and microcredit loans are offered by Swiss banks as Swiss consumer loans.

The prospective customer gets only a small part of the minimum credit from Switzerland. As a rule, there is no credit bureau query. However, the granting of these Swiss loans is only possible under strict conditions. Among the Swiss credits, the micro-credits of the Swiss Cantonal Banks are clearly among the favorites. However, in most cases this is not a flexible loan product where the borrower can set the duration and amount of the loan.

Instead, the Swiss financial institutions offer fixed loan amounts for a certain period of time. Applicants from Germany can generally borrow up to 3,500 or 5,000 EUR for microcredits. If you need a higher loan amount or a different deadline, you should contact your bank.

The disadvantage is that the interest rates for this loan transaction are very high. The interest rate is to be compared with the interest on an overdraft. The interest rate on non-creative financing from Swiss lenders is often over 12 percentage points. Installment loans from German banks are generally much cheaper here. Those who do not depend on a loan offer without a credit bureau request also see the offers from German banks best.

See other offers

See other offers

It should be noted that even if Swiss credit institutions do not cooperate with the credit bureau, the creditworthiness of the interested party is checked. To apply for a Swiss loan, you must meet certain conditions. The requirements for a Swiss loan can vary slightly depending on the lender. The following points are common in practice: A Swiss loan is usually backed by the outcome of the prospective borrower.

It is important to know that the family situation can also influence lending. For example, a host family is typically given a larger income than an individual. Even those who already have payment obligations such as maintenance or loan repayments must expect the lender to calculate the minimum income differently. You should clarify the terms and conditions of the relevant provider before you perform a credit report.

If a Swiss loan is granted without requesting information from credit bureau, the conditions for the borrower are very high. Those who do not have regular fixed income usually have no opportunity to receive a loan from Swiss lenders. The self-employed, students, unemployed people, interns and sometimes also pensioners are not present as borrowers at some banks from the beginning.

In most cases, people who have secured money and live in good financial conditions have a good chance of getting a Swiss loan. To what extent is a Swiss loan applied for? Only in very few cases are interested people traveling to Switzerland to apply for a loan from a local house bank. The application for a Swiss loan is therefore usually online.

To apply online, you must first enter your personal information. Depending on the provider, the decision about the loan can be made online or a loan broker will contact you. The credit agency should inform you free of charge and show you various options. You can also get a loan from a house bank based in Germany.

The next step is the credit check. Although there is no credit bureau query for Swiss loans, the credit rating is checked. Then the loan broker asks for offers and you can sign the corresponding loan agreement. Also check if you can repay the Swiss loan on time. A Swiss loan is particularly beneficial if you have a fixed salary, the least possible financial debt and a minimum of rental income.

Because Swiss credit institutions do not necessarily provide a credit bureau query, small, negative comments can not diminish their position. If your loan application is rejected by the credit bureau due to some negative reports, a Swiss loan can be a good option. But here, too, the conditions must be met and the payments made reliably.

However, it should be remembered that Swiss loans are often very rigid and only small loan amounts are awarded for a contractual duration.

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