Month: June 2019


Shareholder loans pattern

Pattern shareholder loans Sample: IHK request to the company of the Gomba. Maintaining the share capital and the shareholder loan. Another structure for shareholder loans in the future: BFH has revoked its former responsibility. As a partner of a limited liability company, you would like to grant a private equity loan to the limited liability […]


best mortgage loan insurance in aix en provence

Loan Insurance Broker  Many borrowers are not yet aware of their ability to freely choose their home loan insurance: the Lagarde law requires banks to accept an outsourced insurance contract if it has an equivalent or higher level of guarantee to the group contract, they propose. How to untie the insurance of real estate credit […]


Credit Calculator Living

With our credit and household calculator you get answers. You can order the loan free of charge. Residential Loans  To avoid financial shortages, the loan conditions can be adapted to the interests of the borrower. There are a variety of design options, such as variable or fixed interest rates and closed seasons. For a grace […]