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Residential Loans 

Residential Loans 

To avoid financial shortages, the loan conditions can be adapted to the interests of the borrower. There are a variety of design options, such as variable or fixed interest rates and closed seasons. For a grace period, only the interest payments are made.

You can also choose between fixed and floating rates: although a fixed interest rate for a certain period of time gives you the possibility of a clear calculation and you do not have to worry about rising rates, the variable interest rate adjusts to suit market conditions, ie They participate in declining rates, but must also consider any increases.

Your Raiffeisen consultant will inform you about the current situation and the interest rates. The interest is usually based on the Camibank. Camibank is the most important reference interest rate for loans in the EU. It is the interest rate for time deposits in EUR in the interbank business. With our wireless computers, you get a first overview: from budget planner, loan calculator to apartment renovation calculator!

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