10,000 euros of debt

Debt of 10,000 euros

Debt of 10,000 euros

A Cologne woman owed her husband 10,000 euros. A sum of 10,000 euros is much more. However, a 58-year-old cook has proven that there are other ways to reduce debt. Because she apparently lacked the necessary capital, she has come up with something strange: she has come up with something: she has issued 108 sex vouchers worth 99 euros each to her lender.

This was reported by the Koeln daily newspaper “Expressor”. After the loan of the 65-year-old friend to the lady, he wanted to protect himself: with a confused order. It is on order, which is available for the “Expressor.” Exact sexual practices were also specified in the contract between the two: “Orales French in conjunction with Cunnilingus Extravagances, Anal Greek or Proktos Eros, the double rosette pleasure”.

According to the agreement, each and every one of the sex vouchers can be transferred to a foreign man or artist. If the candidate is not satisfied with the candidate’s decision, she would have to pay the amount of the document not extinguished to her creditor. The order was discussed at a hearing. Here, the wife wanted to enforce a contact ban, as she obviously did not agree with me the sex contract.

“I am submissive and naive,” she admitted, according to the daily newspaper. According to the judge, the couple should now avoid each other, otherwise threatens a payout of up to 250.00 € or imprisonment. What would become of the remaining evidence of the man was not answered by the judge in the hallway.

With 10,000 euros debt without effort, how is one taught? The debt advice.

With 10,000 euros debt without effort, how is one taught? The debt advice.

I have earned about 10,000 euros with the sign n. I am registered at the district office and have a counselor. The caregiver is hardly helpful and I can get along on something. And I want to get out of this care. Will go to work and pay my badge in installments. What about a debt counseling service with one?

If I were you, I would go for a personal bankruptcy with the debt counselor, and you would be free of debt in six years. If you have a guide in your hand, will he have been instructed by the court? You can get a new one that you can trust more and that does something for you too.

Where did you get this counselor from? Why do students have less free time today than 20 years ago? The strain on school education is growing.

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